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US Social-emotional learning with Clicker
Tania Johnston

One of the many things the pandemic has done is to reinforce the importance of the social and emotional well-being of children, and the role that social and emotional learning (SEL) must play in schools alongside academic learning.

Gemma Dean

Recently, I’ve had several enquiries about using Clicker for teaching French or Spanish as a second language. As a former MFL teacher, it was great to discuss the resources we have available and how they might be used.

Access arrangements in exams
Rosie Sheach

Access arrangements in exams

10th November 2021
by Rosie Sheach

After working at Crick Software for over a year, I can see the impact using DocsPlus throughout my secondary education would have had in supporting my learning.

Ready-made resources for vocabulary and language
Pauline Smith

Teachers and support staff use many strategies to support children who have English as an additional language (EAL) or children who have a speech or language delay. Read on to find out how the resources on LearningGrids can be used during intervention sessions.

Phonics fun with Clicker
Joanne Gibbins

Phonics fun with Clicker

26th October 2021
by Jo Gibbins

Our Decodable Stories on LearningGrids for Clicker are perfect for early learners starting out on systematic phonic work.

Have worksheets had their day
Joanne Gibbins

Have worksheets had their day?

20th October 2021
by Jo Gibbins

I recently read an interesting article that considered the use of worksheets in schools. It’s a contentious issue, especially in the light of environmental concerns.

Adam Whatling

Clicker wins the 4 star Teach Primary SEND Award!

11th October 2021
by Adam Whatling

Clicker has won the 4 star Teach Primary Award in the SEND category.

Clicker & Dyspraxia
Gemma Dean

Clicker & Dyspraxia

6th October 2021
by Gemma Dean

Recently, in preparation for a training session, I was talking to a school that was hoping to use Clicker to support their learners with developmental co-ordination disorder.

Alphabet Animals
Tania Johnston

Alphabet Animals

29th September 2021
by Tania Johnston

Have you met the Alphabet Animals, Clicker’s newest characters on LearningGrids?

Katie Fitch

In the summer term, I hosted a webinar with inclusion expert, Jules Daulby, that focused on engendering independence for SEND learners.

Sergio Germano

Dictation in Clicker and DocsPlus

15th September 2021
by Sergio Germano

Dictation (speech-to-text) is a helpful tool that allows learners to get their ideas onto paper quickly.

US lets learn about money with clicker
Pauline Smith

Let’s learn about money with Clicker!

8th September 2021
by Pauline Smith

Visit our Money category on LearningGrids to find a variety of resources that support children’s understanding of basic money concepts.

Resource ideas - Back to school
Gemma Dean

Resource ideas – Back to school

1st September 2021
by Gemma Dean

Welcome to a new school year! Getting back into routines after the school holidays can be a challenge, so here are some easy ideas for building relationships with new pupils and making a positive start to the term.

Maths and reading (keeping up with Clicker)
Joanne Gibbins

How Clicker can close the attainment gap in reading and maths for disadvantaged pupils.

Transition lessions for new classes
Andrew Cumming

Transition lessons for new classes

18th August 2021
by Andrew Cumming

Every September, teachers plan and create transition lessons for their new class.