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Ben Tookey

DocsPlus release 2

23rd August 2017
by Ben Tookey

This week, we have released a new version of DocsPlus. It contains a wide variety of improvements, including several new features.

UK_14_08_2017_ screen title
Gemma Dean

Clicker 7 and Modern Languages

13th August 2017
by Gemma Dean

Whether you are using Clicker to introduce students to new topic vocabulary in French or extending their writing skills in Spanish, Clicker has the tools to support them!

Tania Johnston

Whether you are using Clicker to learn about the parts of the body, DocsPlus to write about the skeleton or Clicker Communicator to talk about the five senses, LearningGrids has something for you.

Ciara O'Sullivan

Clicker 7 for older learners

21st March 2017
by Ciara O'Sullivan

When I first began working for Crick Software last summer, I was instantly impressed with how customisable Clicker 7 is. Although used mainly in primary schools, there are so many ways to tweak Clicker 7 to suit older learners.