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Writing for an authentic audience

6th July 2022

Most of us write differently depending on what we are writing and, importantly, who we are writing for. While we regularly give children different writing tasks to develop their writing skills and to expose them to different genres, too often the only audience for their writing is their teacher. A recent Edutopia article discussed how giving children an authentic audience for their work can increase motivation and creativity. The article made me think about ways that Clicker could be used to support children in writing for different audiences.

Sharing work with other classes is an easy way to give children a purpose for their writing. Get your pupils to create Clicker Books for younger children. They can create non-fiction books or write imaginative stories that can be saved to a digital reading corner. The speech support built into Clicker will make the stories accessible to the younger readers. To further strengthen the sense of audience, your pupils could read the books to the other children, either in person or using the sound recorder in Clicker.

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Writing to school governors or local council officials can be a great way for children to connect with persuasive writing. Let pupils come up with topics that are relevant to them, such as making improvements to the school playground or adding a cycle lane to town streets, and then get them to write to the appropriate school or community leaders. Our Persuasion Planner and Writing Frame provide support for pupils as they create their persuasive arguments.

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Pupils’ own classmates can also be a highly motivating audience. Have them become class experts on a topic and then share their work with the rest of the class – through classroom displays or in oral presentations to the class. With Clicker Board, pupils can create digital posters to use as part of their presentations. For children who are less confident presenting to an audience, they can use a Talk Set to pre-record their presentation and then play the recordings to the class.

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For an even larger audience, get your pupils to submit their work to national (and global) showcases and competitions such as our Summer Story Share. The Clicker Summer Story Share is an opportunity for primary pupils to tell us a story that excites and inspires them. The theme for this year is: “If I could go anywhere…” To help write or tell their stories, pupils can have unlimited home access to Clicker throughout the summer break. We’ll be showcasing their wonderful stories online, for the whole world to enjoy!


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