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Summer webinar round-up

20th April 2022

We have another full schedule of webinars lined up for you this term, including some great training sessions for Clicker users - read on to find out more!

Using Clicker to support English and Welsh literacy

Date: Thursday 12th May
Time: 3:45pm BST

During this webinar especially for Welsh schools, Phil will be joined by Lorraine Young, Senior ALN Advisory Teacher for Ceredigion County Council. Phil and Lorraine will be exploring how Clicker enables ALN learners to overcome literacy barriers and achieve their full potential.

They will show you how Clicker:

  • Supports a wide range of additional learning needs
  • Makes lessons more inclusive
  • Provides bilingual learning support via its built-in Welsh speech engine, predictor and spell checker

Register for free to hear Lorraine’s expert advice!

Improving outcomes for SEND pupils – the ‘five-a-day’ principle

Date: Thursday 9th June
Time: 3:45pm BST

In June, Katie and Phil will be taking a look at how Clicker can be used to implement the Education Endowment Foundation’s ‘five-a-day’ approach, which recommends effective strategies that class teachers can use to make lessons more inclusive without adding to their already sizeable workload.

summer term webinars-2

The session will focus on:

  • Providing opportunities for pupils to plan, monitor and evaluate their own learning
  • Boosting writing confidence and engagement
  • Other ways that Clicker will support teaching, such as introducing new concepts and assessing pupil progress

Sign up today for some great hints and tips to use in your classroom.

Clicker training webinars

Subject spotlights

Our Customer Experience Consultant, Gemma, will be bringing you a series of 30-minute sessions highlighting the different LearningGrids resources that you can use to support learning about a particular subject.

Let us know which topics you would like Gemma to cover when you register!

Sign up for Science

Date: Thursday 27th April
Time: 3:45pm BST / 10:45am EST

summer term webinars-3

Have a look at History

Date: Thursday 12th May
Time: 3:45pm BST / 10:45am EST

summer term webinars-4

Get ahead with Geography

Date: Thursday 9th June
Time: 3:45pm BST / 10:45am EST

summer term webinars-5

Clicker & ASD

Date: Wednesday 18th May
Time: 3:45pm BST / 10:45am EST

In this webinar, Gemma will show you how Clicker supports children on the autism spectrum, including:

  • Developing understanding of daily routines and sequencing
  • Social stories and building emotional literacy
  • Personalising Clicker for individual needs and interests

Click here to reserve your place.

summer term webinars-6

Our webinars are completely free and if you can’t make the date, there’ll be a recorded version made available afterwards. We look forward to seeing you there!

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