Clicker 7

The complete literacy toolkit

Clicker provides the right level of writing support for all your learners.

The definitive primary writing tool

02UK Primary writing tool

Clicker Grids

07 Support all levels of writing

Realistic speech feedback

05 Realistic speech feedback

Intelligent word prediction

06 Intelligent word prediction

Voice Notes

04 Audio note creator

Child-friendly planning space

03 Planning tool

Clicker Books

Clicker Books

More literacy activities

More Literacy Activities

Accessible for all

We are committed to providing software that enables every pupil to access the curriculum and achieve success.

Clicker 7’s enhanced accessibility features include switch access, touch screen and eye gaze compatibility, and our innovative SuperKeys solution.

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Clicker in your classroom

Reluctant writers to high flyers

Provide every child in your classroom with the tools they need to succeed across the curriculum.

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Children with special needs

Supporting dyslexia, learning difficulties, autism, physical disabilities and other special educational needs.

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English language learners

Build the English language skills and confidence of pupils learning English as an additional language.

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Clicker 7 research


"Pupils required help or prompting over 6.5 times more when not using Clicker 7 to support writing; thus showing Clicker to be significant in encouraging independent work."

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"Our investigations have been overwhelmingly positive in favour of this intervention supporting an inclusive learning environment."

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"Without Clicker my pupils simply couldn't access literacy... I am also an adviser for assistive technology and Clicker is my go to. There is no competition."

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