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US lets learn about money with clicker
Pauline Smith

Let’s learn about money with Clicker!

8th September 2021
by Pauline Smith

Visit our Money category on LearningGrids to find a variety of resources that support children’s understanding of basic money concepts.

Resource ideas - Back to school
Gemma Dean

Resource ideas – Back to school

1st September 2021
by Gemma Dean

Welcome to a new school year! Getting back into routines after the school holidays can be a challenge, so here are some easy ideas for building relationships with new pupils and making a positive start to the term.

Maths and reading (keeping up with Clicker)
Joanne Gibbins

How Clicker can close the attainment gap in reading and maths for disadvantaged pupils.

Transition lessions for new classes
Andrew Cumming

Transition lessons for new classes

18th August 2021
by Andrew Cumming

Every September, teachers plan and create transition lessons for their new class.

Sergio Germano

License management

11th August 2021
by Sergio Germano

The lead up to the start of a new school year is a great time to audit your software licenses so you don’t run into problems later.

Alex Willcox

Clicker 8 is a Bett Award winner!

4th August 2021
by Alex Willcox

Clicker 8 has won the Special Educational Needs Solutions Award at Bett 2021!

Visuals in Clicker header
Gemma Dean

Visuals in Clicker

28th July 2021
by Gemma Dean

We're asked often by schools how they can incorporate visuals in Clicker to support their learners. Children with a range of needs can benefit from using visuals. Here are some of the different ways you can use visuals in Clicker.

KWL Chart header
Tania Johnston

Clicker K-W-L Chart

21st July 2021
by Tania Johnston

We’ve recently added a K-W-L chart on LearningGrids. These are a great way to engage pupils in a new topic – helping them to recall knowledge, develop a purpose for learning, and track their progress.

Summer learning with Clicker header
Joanne Gibbins

As schools close for the summer break, there is an air of anticipation of how we can all use this time not just to reflect and refresh, but to keep developing minds working and growing. Let’s help children to feel calm and settled, and most importantly inspired and ready to face all the challenges of the new academic year.

Sergio Germano

Clicker 8 can accommodate any type of keyboard layout you want to create and use. In this post, I will walk you through creating a new keyboard with the letters grouped in alphabetical order.

Alex Willcox

Clicker success at Gorseland Primary School

30th June 2021
by Alex Willcox

We recently spoke with Ellie Bennett about how they’ve been using Clicker to support children at Gorseland Primary School and the amazing progress they’ve made with their writing.

Macbeth header
Gemma Dean

Resource ideas – Macbeth

23rd June 2021
by Gemma Dean

A customer recently contacted me asking about Clicker resources that they could use with children studying Shakespeare. We have lots of resources on the topic of Macbeth and it’s easy to create even more...

Clicker and subtitles header
Joanne Gibbins

There’s been much talk lately of switching on television subtitles to boost children’s reading skills which is a great idea. Here at Crick, we are number one fans of the multi-sensory approach to literacy.

Clicker Euro 2020 - header
Tania Johnston

Euro 2020 and Clicker

15th June 2021
by Tania Johnston

Find lots of fantastic football resources for Clicker on LearningGrids to kick off Euro 2020.

Training resources - header
Joe Owen

Time-saving training resources

9th June 2021
by Joe Owen

A summary of our time-saving training resources that will enable you and your staff to become confident Clicker users.