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Joanne Gibbins

Home learning with Clicker

27th January 2021
by Jo Gibbins

I just had to let you know about a great activity that a parent shared with me recently. Whilst doing some home learning with her 5-year-old daughter, she decided to create a simple Connect Set in Clicker to support her daughter’s writing – with fantastic results!

Virtual Library and LearningGrids Support header
Joanne Gibbins

We have some great resources on LearningGrids to support the Virtual Library, recently launched by Oak National Academy and the National Literacy Trust.

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Gemma Dean

Clicker and Talk for Writing

20th January 2021
by Gemma Dean

Recently we were asked about using Clicker alongside Talk for Writing in our Clicker Community Facebook group. I answered with some suggestions, but I felt it was such a good topic it would be beneficial to write up some ideas in more detail for each stage of the Talk for Writing approach.

Natural disasters header
Pauline Smith

We have some great resources on LearningGrids to help children to understand and write about the causes and consequences of various natural disasters.

learninggrids v2
Joanne Gibbins

Don't forget to check LearningGrids to find a range of great resources to complement the BBC's TV lessons offer.

curriculum monthly update
Joanne Gibbins

LearningGrids monthly update

22nd December 2020
by Jo Gibbins

Our team have been working really hard on a new feature in response to customer feedback: a quick and easy way to see the new resources that have been published each month.

Micklehurst All Saints Primary School header
Alex Willcox

We spoke with Emma Gorton about how Clicker is helping the children at Micklehurst Primary School to become more successful writers.

writing stamina header
Joanne Gibbins

If you’re looking to support your students in extending and improving their writing, here are a few ways that you can use Word Banks in Clicker and Wordbars in DocsPlus to help.

DocsPlus Universal header
Alex Willcox

Our new DocsPlus Universal licensing system makes it easier than ever for you to provide your students with the reading and writing support they need.

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Pauline Smith

Christmas is coming!

7th December 2020
by Pauline Smith

We have some fantastic festive-themed resources for your younger learners in the Christmas section on LearningGrids.

Exam mode changes header
Phil Hackett

The JCQ’s latest updates for access arrangements for this academic year – with some interesting changes regarding computer readers.

bridging the word gap with DocsPlus - header
Joanne Gibbins

DocsPlus is a great tool for helping struggling writers to overcome the 'word gap'.

greek myths header
Tania Johnston

Greek Myths

25th November 2020
by Tania Johnston

We have recently published a series of Clicker resources focused on Greek myths.

resource ideas - header
Gemma Dean

Some recent online discussions explored how to make creative writing exercises more accessible for children with literacy difficulties. Here are some examples I came up with of how you could use different Clicker Sets to support children.

Magic Breakfast - header
Nicki Wilson

Just a few of the ways we’ve been supporting Magic Breakfast’s invaluable work this year.