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Unmissable Clicker webinars this term
Bridget Philpott

We have a packed programme of Clicker webinars and training sessions this autumn!

Nonsense narratives
Bridget Philpott

Research shows that nonsense narratives benefit children’s social and emotional wellbeing. Here’s how every learner can enjoy writing them using Clicker.

Lina Howarth

It’s been a busy few months at Crick, and as we prepare for the new academic year, we also have some fantastic new members of the UK team that we’d like to introduce you to.

We're going on a shape hunt
Pauline Smith

We’re going on a shape hunt!

10th August 2022
by Pauline Smith

Have you seen the 3-D Shape Hunt Clicker resources? These colourful sets are great for helping children to identify, name and write about shapes that can be spotted within everyday objects. Read on to see how this can be a fun activity to carry out during the school holidays.

Joe Owen

In a recent local authority demonstration, I focused on how Clicker can be used to support learners with a range of physical difficulties. Here are a few highlights!

Siobhan Butel

The SEN Resources Blog reviews DocsPlus!

27th July 2022
by Siobhan Butel

Former secondary SENCo Georgina Durrant is a popular blogger and published author on a mission to ensure that all children with SEND are fully included and receive the best possible support.

Joanne Gibbins

Clicker is a great tool in supporting learners at all stages of their literacy journey. With lots of recent talk about cognitive load theory and its implications on learning, I wanted to explore some ideas about how Clicker can help.

Gemma Dean

Customer care meetings are a fantastic opportunity for Clicker and DocsPlus users to get expert advice during their subscription period.

Writing for an authentic audience
Tania Johnston

Most of us write differently depending on what we are writing and, importantly, who we are writing for. While we regularly give children different writing tasks to develop their writing skills and to expose them to different genres, too often the only audience for their writing is their teacher.

Phil Hackett

No grids? No problem!

29th June 2022
by Phil Hackett

LearningGrids is one of Clicker’s most popular features – teachers love having instant access to a free library of curriculum resources – at the time of writing there are over 3000 available! However, I am sometimes asked when training schools – “What if there aren’t any resources on my topic? Is it difficult to make your own?”

Pauline Smith

Recently, I read an article written by teacher, author, poet and playwright Michael Morpurgo. He wrote about why schools should move away from teaching writing through a grammar-focused approach and, instead, encourage creativity and children’s love of reading and writing. I believe Clicker can help in this mission! Read on to find out ways that Clicker can empower children to express their thoughts, develop ideas and discover the joy of writing.

Debates and discussions with Clicker
Pauline Smith

Engaging children in topical debates and discussions is a great way to build their confidence and skills in speaking and writing.

Siobhan Butel

We’re looking for adventure-loving pupils of all ages and writing levels to join this year’s Clicker Summer Story Share.

Exam-ready with DocsPlus
Joanne Gibbins

Exam-ready with DocsPlus

25th May 2022
by Jo Gibbins

A recent report shared headteachers’ concerns that teenagers are more stressed about upcoming exams than they were before the Covid pandemic struck. With stress and anxiety levels higher than before 2020, according to a survey by the Association of School and College Leaders, I thought I’d share an idea about using DocsPlus to prepare a fun exam/revision planner to help learners organise their thoughts and feel a little more in control of the situation.

Using Clicker across the curriculum
Gemma Dean

I had a Customer Care meeting recently with a school who wanted to expand their use of Clicker across the curriculum. I showed them that we have lots of resources for cross-curriculum literacy on LearningGrids. Many of these can be found in the English subject area of LearningGrids.