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Sign up to our Autumn term webinars
Bridget Philpott

Sign up to our Autumn term webinars!

13th September 2023
by Bridget Griffiths

Our upcoming free webinars are full of fantastic information for educators and have been curated by our knowledgeable team of experienced teachers and Senior Education Consultants. This term’s webinars also welcome special guests who are experts in SEND, ICT and Inclusion. So, here’s what’s coming up this term and how you can register…

Gemma Dean

Upcoming training webinars

6th September 2023
by Gemma Dean

This term we have a packed agenda of training webinars to support you in using Clicker and DocsPlus effectively.

Phil Hackett

If you’ve just purchased Clicker or DocsPlus and need some help getting the software onto your devices, our new step-by-step videos will have you up and running in no time!

Joanne Gibbins

Getting students to write confidently within a range of non-fiction genres is no easy task. But our set of WorkSpace planners for DocsPlus on LearningGrids could be just what you’re looking for if you have students starting out or struggling with writing non-fiction text types.

Joanne Gibbins

WorkSpace on LearningGrids

10th May 2023
by Jo Gibbins

As I’m sure you are already aware, WorkSpace – our intuitive planning tool – is now built in to the DocsPlus app. This is particularly exciting news for us on the Curriculum Team here at Crick, as it means that our iPad and Chromebook users have access to this fantastic tool – as well as hundreds of ready-made free WorkSpace resources on LearningGrids!

Bridget Philpott

WorkSpace is now in the DocsPlus app!

29th March 2023
by Bridget Griffiths

We’ve got another exciting DocsPlus development to share with you this week…

Julia Bradley

Whether you have recently purchased our software or are midway through your subscription, you will now be directed to our new portal to manage your licenses.

Andrew Cumming

In the secondary school classroom, there is a growing expectation for students to access their learning through reading resources. Whether that’s reading a slide presentation, a printed document, or a webpage, reading is a key skill that enables students to access the curriculum.

Make sure you register for our upcoming webinars
Bridget Philpott

Make sure you register for our upcoming webinars!

25th January 2023
by Bridget Griffiths

We’ve had lots of people sign up for the free webinars we’re running this term and there’s still space for you to sign up, too!

Julia Bradley

The predictor is one of the many fabulous features of Clicker and DocsPlus. Using the predictor results in greatly improved coherence, spelling and grammar, and helps to increase the writing productivity of learners who struggle to transfer their knowledge and ideas to the page.

Gemma Dean

We’re excited to announce that our new training resources – DocsPlus for Students – are now live on our website!

Rosie Sheach

In a recent DocsPlus demonstration, I was asked whether DocsPlus could support the school’s ‘threefold improvement plan’ by...

Julia Bradley

With the new school year well underway, Support has been super busy with enquiries regarding managing apps licenses. So, let’s look at what it’s all about!

Guest post - Carol Allen

When our students find something difficult, or lack interest in it, or have an inbuilt fear of doing badly or indeed, failing; a very common anticipatory reaction is to avoid it.

Siobhan Butel

The SEN Resources Blog reviews DocsPlus!

27th July 2022
by Siobhan Butel

Former secondary SENCo Georgina Durrant is a popular blogger and published author on a mission to ensure that all children with SEND are fully included and receive the best possible support.