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KWL Chart header
Tania Johnston

Clicker K-W-L Chart

21st July 2021
by Tania Johnston

We’ve recently added a K-W-L chart on LearningGrids. These are a great way to engage pupils in a new topic – helping them to recall knowledge, develop a purpose for learning, and track their progress.

Summer learning with Clicker header
Joanne Gibbins

As schools close for the summer break, there is an air of anticipation of how we can all use this time not just to reflect and refresh, but to keep developing minds working and growing. Let’s help children to feel calm and settled, and most importantly inspired and ready to face all the challenges of the new academic year.

Clicker and subtitles header
Joanne Gibbins

There’s been much talk lately of switching on television subtitles to boost children’s reading skills which is a great idea. Here at Crick, we are number one fans of the multi-sensory approach to literacy.

Clicker Euro 2020 - header
Tania Johnston

Euro 2020 and Clicker

15th June 2021
by Tania Johnston

Find lots of fantastic football resources for Clicker on LearningGrids to kick off Euro 2020.

Vocational Studies with DocsPlus header
Joanne Gibbins

We were recently asked about using DocsPlus to support students in Vocational subject studies. With Wordbars to support structured written work and WorkSpaces to organise ideas and plan for writing, it’s certainly a great program to support your students.

Florence Nightingale - blog header
Pauline Smith

Florence Nightingale

10th May 2021
by Pauline Smith

We have recently published some differentiated Florence Nightingale sets that are a fantastic resource for supporting students to read, write, and talk about this famous nurse and how she improved hospital conditions.

Billy Goats Gruff header
Pauline Smith

Using traditional tales as a starting point for learning is a fantastic way to engage children of all ages. I have highlighted a few of our recently published sets based on the Norwegian folktale the Billy Goats Gruff.

Picture and gesture based learning title
Tania Johnston

Clicker is great for a multisensory approach to learning. Here's how using pictures and speech helps children to learn new words and concepts.

Talk and write about selves title
Pauline Smith

As children return to the classroom, they will be buzzing and wanting to share news with their friends, peers and school adults. Let’s utilise this enthusiasm and channel it to recap and improve their vocabulary, sentence structures and writing stamina.

Lost learning title image
Joanne Gibbins

It’s hard to ignore the gloomy headlines about “lost learning” and “Covid gaps” caused by the pandemic over the last 12 months, but Clicker is a fantastic tool for helping children to revisit key concepts and reinforce gaps in their learning.

Reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic title
Alex Willcox

We’ve published some great new Clicker resources that are designed to encourage children to reflect on how their lives have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has made them feel.

healthy lifestyles header
Pauline Smith

At the start of a new year, many of us look for ways to lead healthier lives and we often encourage children to do the same. There are a variety of resources on LearningGrids to encourage children to talk, read and write about the importance of making healthy choices.

flipped learning header
Joanne Gibbins

Flipped learning with Clicker

17th February 2021
by Jo Gibbins

Flipped learning has seen a revival recently with the closure of many schools due to the Coronavirus pandemic and an increase in remote learning. Clicker is a fantastic platform for delivering accessible and engaging content to acquire initial knowledge outside of the classroom in this flipped learning approach.

Safer Internet Day header
Joanne Gibbins

Safer Internet Day with Childnet

9th February 2021
by Jo Gibbins

We've teamed up with Childnet to put together some resources to help children learn about staying safe online.

Home learning with Clicker header2
Joanne Gibbins

Home learning with Clicker

27th January 2021
by Jo Gibbins

I just had to let you know about a great activity that a parent shared with me recently. Whilst doing some home learning with her 5-year-old daughter, she decided to create a simple Connect Set in Clicker to support her daughter’s writing – with fantastic results!