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Tania Johnston

Start your day with Clicker

19th September 2018
by Tania Johnston

Why not start the new school year with a fun daily routine that reinforces the days of the week, months of the year and the weather?

catherine jell

Clicker success with older learners

29th August 2018
by Catherine Jell

Recently, June Howard (Teaching Assistant at Hyde Community College) sent us a message to share how Clicker 7 has made a world of difference to a year 9 student she works with...

Tania Johnston

Summer Haiku

4th July 2018
by Tania Johnston

Want to keep learners’ creative juices flowing over the long summer break? Check out the Clicker 7 set Summer Haiku. This Word Bank provides 1, 2 and 3-syllable words...

catherine jell

In Peterborough, Fourfields Primary have been using Clicker 7 to support pupils of all ages and abilities. We recently went to visit them to hear about the success the children and staff have been enjoying.

Joanne Gibbins

Speaking sets in Clicker

6th June 2018
by Jo Gibbins

Speaking is one of the four essential literacy skills that help children to become well-rounded communicators – not just in school, it’s a hugely important life skill too!

Jean Rawle

Recently I visited a very inspiring school for the deaf, where I demonstrated some of the ways in which Clicker can support its learners.

Siobhan Butel

Cherry Newby is a former Head Teacher who runs a blog for teachers and parents called 'The Newby Tribe'. She has recently posted a fantastic review of Clicker 7...

Phil Hackett

Crick Software launches Clicker 7 Arabic

9th May 2018
by Phil Hackett

Over the past six months, I have visited schools in the Middle East several times to demonstrate and provide training on Clicker 7. I am often asked if Clicker 7 could also be used in Arabic. I'm delighted to announce that we are launching Clicker 7 Arabic this month...

Joanne Gibbins

Roman Soldier labelling

2nd May 2018
by Jo Gibbins

Did you see our Roman Soldier sets on LearningGrids recently? We’ve had some really positive feedback about these resources from schools, so if you haven’t seen them and your class is learning about the Romans, go check them out!

Jordan Butel

Sentence building with multiple pictures

25th April 2018
by Jordan Butel

During a recent in-school training session, teachers wanted to learn how they could create sentence building activities in Clicker that included visual cues for both the subject and the object in the sentence...

Siobhan Butel

Clicker 7 wins again!

11th April 2018
by Siobhan Butel

Following on from our success at the Bett Awards in January, we’re delighted to announce that Clicker 7 has also been named Best Special Education Resource at the 2018 ERA Awards!

Gemma Dean

Numeracy in Clicker

20th March 2018
by Gemma Dean

While running a Regional Training Day recently, teachers on the course explained to me that some of their pupils struggle to access work in Maths lessons and are easily disengaged from the class. We started discussing how Clicker can be used to support numeracy, as well as literacy.

Siobhan Butel

We have a lovely new success story to share with you from Anne Harris, the SENCo at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Greenwich.

Phil Hackett

A couple of weeks ago I visited schools in Kuwait to demonstrate our literacy support tools. They loved using Clicker 7 on Windows/Mac and having recently invested in Chromebooks, they wanted to learn about sharing resources between Clicker 7 and the Clicker Apps for Chromebook.

Joanne Gibbins

Exploring Shakespeare with Clicker

21st February 2018
by Jo Gibbins

Many primary schools are now introducing Shakespeare to their pupils through adapted stories and dramatic activities. We have a selection of Clicker resources that are designed to support pupils writing sentences, plot summaries and write texts about the tragedy Macbeth.