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We’re excited to share that our new training resources - tutorials on saving, sharing, and printing Clicker files – are now live on our website!

Gemma Dean

During a recent training session, staff were particularly interested to find out how you could use Clicker to support EAL pupils.

Gemma Dean

We’re excited to announce that our new training resources – DocsPlus for Students – are now live on our website!

Gemma Dean

Clicker Basics - Training Resources

2nd November 2022
by Gemma Dean

We’re excited to announce that our new training resources – Clicker Basics – are now live on our website!

Unmissable Clicker webinars this term
Bridget Philpott

We have a packed programme of Clicker webinars and training sessions this autumn!

Gemma Dean

Customer care meetings are a fantastic opportunity for Clicker and DocsPlus users to get expert advice during their subscription period.

summer term webinars
Nicki Wilson

Summer webinar round-up

20th April 2022
by Nicki Wilson

We have another full schedule of webinars lined up for you this term, including some great training sessions for Clicker users - read on to find out more!

Visuals in Clicker header
Gemma Dean

Visuals in Clicker

28th July 2021
by Gemma Dean

We're asked often by schools how they can incorporate visuals in Clicker to support their learners. Children with a range of needs can benefit from using visuals. Here are some of the different ways you can use visuals in Clicker.

Macbeth header
Gemma Dean

Resource ideas – Macbeth

23rd June 2021
by Gemma Dean

A customer recently contacted me asking about Clicker resources that they could use with children studying Shakespeare. We have lots of resources on the topic of Macbeth and it’s easy to create even more...

Training resources - header
Joe Owen

Time-saving training resources

9th June 2021
by Joe Owen

A summary of our time-saving training resources that will enable you and your staff to become confident Clicker users.

senses header
Gemma Dean

Exploring senses with Clicker

12th May 2021
by Gemma Dean

Recently, while researching in preparation for webinars and training sessions, I came across an article on the benefits of using different senses to aid vocabulary development. This can be beneficial for younger learners and children with EAL. While reading the article I was inspired by all the ways Clicker could be used to support this.

Dinosaurs - header
Gemma Dean

Resource ideas - dinosaurs

31st March 2021
by Gemma Dean

Recently when preparing a training session with a school, they passed me some dinosaur-themed resources that I could use as the basis for accompanying Clicker activities.

space project header alt
Gemma Dean

Space project – resource ideas

24th February 2021
by Gemma Dean

Recently a teacher contacted us asking if we had any suggestions for supporting children working on a project on space. I thought this was a really great activity and I enjoyed putting together resources on the topic. Here are some ideas that might be helpful for others.

Clicker talk for writing header
Gemma Dean

Clicker and Talk for Writing

20th January 2021
by Gemma Dean

Recently we were asked about using Clicker alongside Talk for Writing in our Clicker Community Facebook group. I answered with some suggestions, but I felt it was such a good topic it would be beneficial to write up some ideas in more detail for each stage of the Talk for Writing approach.

resource ideas - header
Gemma Dean

Some recent online discussions explored how to make creative writing exercises more accessible for children with literacy difficulties. Here are some examples I came up with of how you could use different Clicker Sets to support children.