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Check out our new Clicker Books!

8th April 2022

Let’s take a closer look at the new Planet Wobble Books … The three new stories involve the Planet Wobble characters having an adventure or solving a problem - they are ideal for readers aged 5-7. Each title has a related Talk Set, a comprehension-based Custom Set and numerous writing sets that support children to recall and write about each story.

The Wrong Bag contains a mystery story where one of the Planet Wobble children picked up the wrong bag and it resulted in a crime being solved. One of the related sets, The Wrong Bag – Make a Book, enables children to insert pictures and write their own version of the story supported by word banks.

Check out our new Clicker Books-1

In the adventure story, The Fossil, the Planet Wobble children go back in time and they meet a wobblesaurus! After reading the story, children can retell it using the picture stimuli in the Talk Set or write the story using one of the related writing sets.

Check out our new Clicker Books-2

For a story about community, read The Old Man. The Planet Wobble children help an old man to tidy his garden and assist him in contacting an old friend. Using The Old Man – Questions Custom Set, children are supported to answer literal comprehension questions and write their answers in full sentences.

Check out our new Clicker Books-3

We hope you enjoy using these resources in shared or guided reading sessions, or during reading interventions. You can find these new books and many more in the Planet Wobble category on LearningGrids. Also, be sure to check out our Story Corner for a variety of stories for all ages.

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