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Marcus Dux

I recently joined the Crick Software team as an Education Consultant, and now knowing all the products inside out, I’ve realised just how useful Clicker and DocsPlus would have been during my time in education!

Ben Tookey

For writers with low vision, you can configure DocsPlus so that the following items are displayed in the same colour scheme...

What is SymbolStix?
catherine jell

What is SymbolStix?

8th October 2018
by Catherine Jell

Originally designed and developed by News-2-You, Inc for use in its internet newspaper and online curriculum, SymbolStix is a really engaging library of symbols...

catherine jell

Clicker 7 research - Wensum Junior School

3rd October 2018
by Catherine Jell

Wensum Junior School in Norwich have been using Clicker software over the past few years, and have recently investigated the level of impact the program has on literacy success at their school...


Victoria Crivelli, who has been a specialist Dyslexia teacher for over 30 years, explores the support our new secondary writing tool, DocsPlus, offers learners with dyslexia:

Phil Hackett

Clicker lesson plan - animal groups

25th September 2018
by Phil Hackett

Here’s an extract from the KS1, Year 1, Programme of Study (Science): “Pupils should be taught to: identify and name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.” Here is how I might plan a lesson around animal groups using Clicker.

Tania Johnston

Start your day with Clicker

19th September 2018
by Tania Johnston

Why not start the new school year with a fun daily routine that reinforces the days of the week, months of the year and the weather?

Jordan Butel

New Education Consultants

12th September 2018
by Jordan Butel

We have been busy adding to our fantastic team of Education Consultants over the summer, so you will soon be seeing some new faces at exhibitions and school visits...

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Katie Fitch

Do you have plans for your literacy sessions based around some of his books? Here are some ideas of how you could use Clicker to celebrate Roald Dahl day...

Ben Tookey

Did you know? – DocsPlus tips

5th September 2018
by Ben Tookey

Here are some handy tips about things you can do in DocsPlus!

catherine jell

Clicker success with older learners

29th August 2018
by Catherine Jell

Recently, June Howard (Teaching Assistant at Hyde Community College) sent us a message to share how Clicker has made a world of difference to a year 9 student she works with...

Phil Hackett

When demonstrating DocsPlus to a group of teachers recently, we started to explore the many LearningGrids resources that could be used in lessons for a range of different activities...

Tania Johnston

Clicker Board story planners

13th August 2018
by Tania Johnston

Clicker Board story planner templates are ideal to use when children are planning their stories before writing them.

Ciara O'Sullivan

Teaching idioms with Clicker

2nd August 2018
by Ciara O'Sullivan

During a recent chat with one of the schools I work with, they mentioned how much value one of their teachers was getting from our ‘Idioms’ resources on LearningGrids.

catherine jell

At Great Barr Primary School, pupils with cerebral palsy have been using Clicker 7 to become more independent writers. SENCo Sarah Haywood shared with us the impact the program has had on her learners...