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6th March 2019

We love seeing the work that is being done with Clicker and the Clicker Apps, and have been fortunate enough to receive some wonderful examples these past few months of children succeeding and developing their literacy attainment.

Kacie Brown’s Instagram post highlighted how Clicker was being used to help students to fully express and share their creative ideas in her school district.

“Do you have amazing little writers, but they have a hard time getting the written words down? It literally breaks my heart that those creative ideas cannot be shared. Our district has an amazing software called Clicker 7 that allows those writers to show off their writing talents and fully express themselves. It has predictive text, voice recording and also reads the sentences as they are completed. It’s amazing!” 

Clicker Community blog post - img 2

Clicker can also give students greater confidence and independence in their writing. Joelle McConnell, Intervention Specialist at Cincinnati Public Schools, tweeted this example of a young student sharing his writing with his class.

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We’re also seeing Clicker being used in ways that we might not have anticipated. At Williamston Primary, this P6 student made an interactive register for the school’s Lego club of his own volition.

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 At Warddykes School in Arbroath, this young man created his own Creature Features Clicker Book of various animals and their unique qualities. “I think this is really goooooood!” he said. It’s fantastic to see children taking such pride in their work.

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 Here, Clicker Sentences is being used to write about a trip to the Caerleon Roman Baths, complete with photographs taken at the museum!


 Finally, from the Frederick County Public Schools (MD) Assistive Communication and Technology team, a student quickly navigating Clicker Sentences independently to assist in her writing.


 If you want to share your Clicker success story, you can mention us on Twitter, post to our Facebook page, or get involved in the Clicker Users Group. We’re always happy to see children achieving with Clicker and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 brings.

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