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Joanne Gibbins

Venn diagrams with Clicker Board

20th March 2019

Venn diagrams are a great way of helping children to identify similarities, differences and relationships between sets of items. They are also a great stimulus for discussion – can the children justify and explain their sorting choices?

You can use Clicker Board sets to create simple Venn diagrams, and to enable children to engage in these types of sorting activities. Here’s a quick overview of some of our Venn diagram sets on LearningGrids as examples and ideas to get you started.

In Land and Water Animals, children identify and sort animals that live on land, in water, or both, by dragging and dropping the pictures into the relevant area of the diagram. Of course, you can add alternative pictures too, using the picture tool. Or why not try a maths focus? In Common Multiples, pupils sort multiples and identify the common multiples of different numbers.

Venn diagrams

There are lots of different ways to use Venn diagrams for sorting information visually – it’s an activity which can be used across curriculum areas and age ranges. So if there’s a different idea you want to try, use our Venn Diagram Template to create your own original activity – simply use the cell and picture tools to add your own content.

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