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Alex Willcox

Clicker at Wallacestone Primary School

1st May 2019

We recently spoke with Sheila Robertson, Principal Teacher at Wallacestone Primary School in Falkirk about how they have been using Clicker and the Clicker Apps as part of their PEF agenda to improve reading, writing and digital literacy across the school. They’ve been able to create differentiated resources for children across the ability spectrum, enabling them to all produce fantastic pieces of independent work.

“In the last few years we have been looking at developing our approach to teaching writing across the school. We recognised more and more that there were so many children with fantastic ideas who were unable to get them down on paper, whether they had an identification of dyslexia or not. I went on a course and saw that a part of Clicker was the recording function and I thought that would help so many children across the school to generate ideas. I also saw that with Clicker Sentences you could create differentiated sentence building activities and thought it would help so many children develop fundamental writing skills in that that is bespoke to them…

We’ve already seen success with Clicker. I was working with a small group of children who have been studying the senses in their class and were putting all the information they had learnt into a leaflet. To do this we were predominantly using Clicker Docs, downloading and adding different pictures or taking photographs to add to the document, and then annotating the images with the information. These are children that previously would not have been able to write much by themselves, but with Clicker Docs were able to make colourful leaflets that their classmates were very envious of!”

Read this brilliant new success story in full here.

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