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AQA exam paper access with DocsPlus

29th May 2024

Many schools use the PDF reader in DocsPlus so that students with access requirements can have their exam papers read to them. The examination authorities usually provide the PDF versions of the exams shortly beforehand.  

The PDF documents are normally unencrypted and not password protected. For the 2024 summer exams, AQA have chosen to put additional protection on their PDFs, which means some additional steps are required to access these in DocsPlus.  

There are two options:  

  1. Contact AQA ahead of the exam and ask for standard versions of the PDF – AQA have stated that they will provide papers in a form that will work with DocsPlus.  
  1. Use this workaround:  
  1. Load the Exam PDF document 
  2. Enter the password 
  3. Once the exam has loaded, click on the print icon 
  4. Click on the “Destination” options 
  5. Choose “Save as PDF”  
  6. Save the file 
  7. Open the file 

This should allow you to the open the document without entering the password again. If that works, you will then be able to load the exam on DocsPlus.  

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team on 01604 671691 if you require further guidance or have any other questions about using DocsPlus in exams.

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