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Analysing texts and sparking debates with myths and legends

3rd January 2024

Have you seen the new DocsPlus Myths and Legends section on LearningGrids? As well as being an important part of English and History lessons, myths, legends and folklore are valuable for developing students’ understanding of social norms and moral boundaries. The Echo and Narcissus DocsPlus resources can be used to support the analysis of the text and to explore the important life lessons within this Greek myth.

Let’s start with developing students’ knowledge of the key vocabulary used in the Echo and Narcissus myth. The Key Concepts Wordbar and WorkSpace support students to write the definition, synonyms and antonyms of the key concepts addressed in the myth. This pre-reading can increase students’ reading confidence and improve their understanding and analysis skills.

analysing texts 1

analysing texts 2

Students can use the Echo and Narcissus Wordbars and WorkSpaces to recall and storyboard the main events in the myth. Headings are used to help them identify the progression of events through the story.

analysing texts 3

analysing texts 4

The Questions Wordbar encourages students to interpret and analyse the narrative. They are supported to respond to questions about the events, identify the myth’s theme and consider how the myth might relate to their own lives. The Echo and Narcissus - Life Lessons resources focus on the flaws of the main characters, and how students can learn from their mistakes.

analysing texts 5

analysing texts 6

analysing texts 7

This myth can be used to spark discussions about social customs and values, while encouraging students to reflect on how their decisions impact themselves and others. You can use the DocsPlus resources to encourage learning and debate around the themes of love, vanity, self-love and obsession - to name a few! For other themes, check out the Beowulf resources on LearningGrids.

Keep an eye out for more stories coming soon in the Myths and Legends category.

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