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Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker
Bridget Philpott

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker

24th April 2024
by Bridget Griffiths

Having taught previously, I know how important it is to have fun, easy methods for assessing pupils’ understanding throughout the term and hopefully avoid any end-of-year surprises!

Gemma Dean

See the training webinars we’re running throughout the summer term!

Gemma Dean

See the training webinars we’re running throughout the summer term!

Bridget Philpott

We have two fantastic webinars lined up for you this summer term...


We have recently added to our DocsPlus training resources, which now include tutorials on saving, sharing and printing documents and Smart Tabs.

Pauline Smith

Let’s explore how Clicker resources can make learning times tables fun and interactive. We have a range of resources on LearningGrids to support learners in understanding and remembering multiplication facts.

Bridget Philpott

Clicker in action!

13th March 2024
by Bridget Griffiths

If you follow our social channels, you’ll know that we love sharing schools’ Clicker successes. What’s so brilliant about our most recent examples is how varied they are.

Bridget Philpott

Our fundraising total for KidsAid is in…

5th March 2024
by Bridget Griffiths

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed fundraising for KidsAid over the last two years and seeing the amazing difference the money has made. Our donations have mainly been used to refurnish and supply resources for their therapy rooms, which are a crucial part of the support they offer local children and their families.

Bridget Philpott

We have a fantastic new success story to share with you from the Pupil and School Support service at Birmingham City Council and Montgomery Primary School.


Creating customised word banks

15th February 2024
by Siân Rice

Recently, we spoke with a school who have successfully used Clicker to transform a student’s negative relationship with writing and improved their outlook and pride in their written work.

Joanne Gibbins

British Science Week and Clicker

13th February 2024
by Jo Gibbins

British Science Week celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and takes place in March. The theme this year is ‘Time’. So here’s a quick dive into some of our Clicker resources on LearningGrids which might fit the bill if you are participating in this – or any – science event.


Clicker and Pupil Voice

7th February 2024
by Katy Preston

Within a school setting, there are several ways to gather pupils’ views, feelings and wishes.

Bridget Philpott

Our charity of the year 2024 is…

31st January 2024
by Bridget Griffiths

At the start of every year, we take a company-wide vote to decide which of the many worthy organisations in our local area will be the Crick Software ‘charity of the year.’

Phil Hackett

Find out answers to the 3 most-asked Clicker support questions.

Gemma Dean

Spring term DocsPlus training webinars

17th January 2024
by Gemma Dean

Training webinars throughout the spring term are now open for registrations!