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Tania Johnston

Clicker Board on LearningGrids

May 24, 2023
by Tania Johnston

All of us in the Crick Curriculum Team are very excited that Clicker Board is now available within our Clicker Writer app. This means that our iPad and Chromebook users now have access to the fantastic planning tool and the free Clicker Board resources on LearningGrids.

US-clicker for early readers and writers

Recently, we ran a training webinar focusing on how Clicker can be used with early readers and writers.

Joanne Gibbins

As I’m sure you are already aware, WorkSpace – our intuitive planning tool – is now built in to the DocsPlus app. This is particularly exciting news for us on the Curriculum Team here at Crick, as it means that our iPad and Chromebook users have access to this fantastic tool – as well as hundreds of ready-made free WorkSpace resources on LearningGrids!

Carolyn Knowles

During a chat with one of the schools I work with, they mentioned how much value one of their teachers was getting from our Figurative Language resources on LearningGrids.

Julia Bradley

If you’re using Clicker on a Chromebook, take a look at the image below. Does this appear when you open a Clicker App?

Toni Caggiano

When I meet with new schools who are interested in Clicker, I always love to showcase LearningGrids! LearningGrids contains thousands of high-quality resources - built by our fantastic Curriculum Team - that are regularly added to and updated. LearningGrids contains a variety of Clicker Sets to ensure that topics can be accessed in numerous ways.

Gemma Dean

Assessing the impact of Clicker

April 12, 2023
by Gemma Dean

With any program or technology that you implement in school, you want to know it’s having a positive impact on learning and that you’re getting value for money. Here are some of the aspects of your students’ writing that Clicker can improve and how you can use the software to monitor and track their progress.

Tania Johnston

Heart Words and Clicker

April 6, 2023
by Tania Johnston

For many schools there has been a renewed push towards phonics to help early or struggling readers and writers. This has impacted many aspects of reading and writing instruction, including the way that students are taught traditional “sight words.”

Bridget Philpott

Clicker wins its 10th Bett Award!

April 3, 2023
by Bridget Griffiths

We are delighted to announce that Clicker has won the 2023 Bett Award for "Primary – Digital Learning Product – Language and Literacy."

Bridget Philpott

WorkSpace is now in the DocsPlus app!

March 29, 2023
by Bridget Griffiths

We’ve got another exciting DocsPlus development to share with you this week…

Bridget Philpott

Earlier this year we were thrilled to welcome Rachel Lawson, an administrator at Lansdowne Primary School, to share a Clicker success story with us as the focus of a free webinar.

Julia Bradley

Whether you have recently purchased our software or are midway through your subscription, you will now be directed to our new portal to manage your licenses.


I am delighted to be a part of Crick’s Customer Experience team after taking a side-step out of the classroom in December. My previous experience is in early elementary education, where I taught for 10 years.

Bridget Philpott

We’ve got another exciting development to share with you this week…

Julia Bradley

Harness the power of pictures

February 15, 2023
by Julia Bradley

For our support blog this week, we are continuing to explore the most asked questions that the Support Team receive from Clicker users. Today we are going to look at how you can make your own picture libraries available to use within Clicker for Windows/Mac.