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Tania Johnston

Clicker Board on LearningGrids

May 24, 2023

All of us in the Crick Curriculum Team are very excited that Clicker Board is now available within our Clicker Writer app. This means that our iPad and Chromebook users now have access to the fantastic planning tool and the free Clicker Board resources on LearningGrids.

There are almost 300 Clicker Boards now available, including a recent group of new sets that highlight some of the different ways you can use the tool with your students.

Get your students writing their own fables or analyzing familiar stories with the Fable Story Planner.


Use Is It Magnetic to record the results of a science investigation.


Practice number bonds with Robot Number Bonds 5 to 10.


Make notes about what you already know or have learned about the Water Cycle.


Create an Acrostic Poem based on words associated with school and classroom values.


These are just a few of the great ways to use Clicker Board across the curriculum. Visit LearningGrids for hundreds of other ideas.

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