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Bridget Philpott

Vanessa Simons has extensive experience using Clicker to support her son, Oliver, who is minimally verbal. Over the years, she has witnessed remarkable progress in Oliver's verbal communication skills, including a 60% increase in his verbal utterances since using Clicker.


After their training session, a school reached out for further support on how to guide their students through Clicker’s Writing Grids to encourage independent writing.

Joanne Gibbins

Using Clicker for self check-in

July 4, 2024
by Jo Gibbins

We recently published some Clicker LearningGrids resources aimed at facilitating self check-in for attendance - so here’s a spotlight and overview of how and why you might want to use these in your own settings.

Bridget Philpott

We are excited to share a recent success story from AT Paraprofessional Nettie Reese. Nettie has worked with the AT team at Carroll County Public Schools in Maryland for 24 years, supporting students with learning differences, and Clicker is one of her go-to AT solutions!


We spoke with Sophie, an elementary school teacher who was using Clicker to support her students with nonfiction writing.


Recently, I had the opportunity to demonstrate to a school the power of Clicker's Word Pool in enhancing inclusivity within their learning environment. By adding words, particularly students' names, to the Word Pool dictionary, educators can ensure that these words are included in spell checks and accurately pronounced when read aloud by Clicker.


I recently ran a webinar on using Clicker as part of your whole class teaching. Clicker is an invaluable support tool, but we recognize that not all schools have the licenses or devices for every student to access Clicker in every lesson.

Closing the gap - Why you should leverage federal funds for literacy growth
Bridget Philpott

Despite strides made in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, learning gaps remain. Test scores are still down, absenteeism is on the rise, and a looming teacher shortage lurks in the shadows. Because of these concerns, school districts are turning to federal funding to bolster initiatives for better student outcomes.

Joanne Gibbins

The challenges faced by students learning English as an additional language are multi-layered. They are not only learning English but also learning curriculum subjects through English.

James Stryjek

We have some great news! Following feedback from our Clicker Communicator users, our team has been working on some exciting updates which have just gone live!

Bridget Philpott

We’re thrilled to announce that Clicker has won the “2024 Primary Resource or Equipment – ICT” award at the Education Resources Awards!

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker
Bridget Philpott

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker

April 24, 2024
by Bridget Griffiths

Having previously taught, I know how important it is to have fun, easy methods for assessing students’ understanding throughout the term - and hopefully avoid any end-of-year surprises!

Gemma Dean

See the training webinars we’re running in May and June!

Bridget Philpott

Barb Lark is a retired speech and language pathologist and assistive technology specialist who is currently volunteering with the Special Education Technology Center (SETC) of Washington. Barb has been using Clicker for many years and recently shared her Clicker success story with us.


We have recently added to our DocsPlus training resources, which now include tutorials on saving, sharing, and printing documents and Smart Tabs.