Clicker 8

New for 2020, version 8 combines exciting new feature ideas from our Clicker fans with the inclusive literacy support tools you already know and love.

Help every child achieve writing success

Jump-start writing tasks

Clicker Grids enable students to write with whole words and phrases. Emerging writers build sentences word-by-word, while Word Banks provide scaffolding to support developing writers.

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Harness the power of pictures

03 - Harness the power of pictures

Boost speaking, listening and reading skills

04 - Boost speaking, listening and reading skills_b

Organize ideas

05 - Organise ideas

Save preparation time

Clicker includes free access to LearningGrids, an ever-growing bank of ready-made classroom resources. Our activities are created by experienced teachers and cover a range of elementary topics.

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Check understanding

07 - Cloze_US

Assess student progress

08 - Analytics

Provide access for all

Provide Access for All

Pick your license

Pick your license

Talk to us

If you have a Clicker 8 query or would like to discuss the next steps for getting our software into your school, please call 203 221 2697, email or complete the form below.