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Summer break and well-being

July 19, 2023

For a lot of children, summer vacation means a break from the stresses of school. But a change to the normal routine can bring other challenges for many children. Clicker is a good tool to use to check in with a child to see how they are doing.

If your child is struggling with the change, the When My Routine Changes Connect Set or the How Do You Feel Word Bank can help them express how the change makes them feel and what they can do to feel better. Their writing can be a great conversation starter for the two of you.

us summer break and well-being 1

us summer break and well-being 2

With all the action and excitement that summertime brings, don’t forget to plan in some quieter moments. Practicing mindfulness can help children manage their emotions and build self-control. If you are heading over to the neighborhood park or a friend’s house, why not make it a mindful walk on the way – focus on what you see, hear, smell, and feel. You can read about a similar walk in the Clicker Book A Mindful Walk – Read a Book. Children can use the Clicker Board to reflect on what they experienced during their own walk.

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Explore LearningGrids for many more resources that focus on social-emotional learning.

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