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Creating customized word banks

February 15, 2024
by Siân Rice

Recently, we spoke with a school who have successfully used Clicker to transform a student’s negative relationship with writing and improved their outlook and pride in their written work.

Joanne Gibbins

Time for Science

February 13, 2024
by Jo Gibbins

We usually think of “time” as a mathematical concept, but it is interesting to get your students to consider the important role it plays in many scientific topics as well


Clicker and Student Voice

February 7, 2024
by Katy Preston

Within a school setting, there are several ways to gather students’ views, feelings, and wishes.

Bridget Philpott

Our charity of the year 2024 is…

January 31, 2024
by Bridget Griffiths

At the start of every year, we take a company-wide vote to decide which of the many worthy organizations will be the Crick Software “charity of the year.”

Phil Hackett

Find out answers to the 3 most-asked Clicker support questions.

Gemma Dean

Spring DocsPlus training webinars

January 18, 2024
by Gemma Dean

This semester’s training webinars are now open for registrations!

Gemma Dean

Spring Clicker training webinars

January 16, 2024
by Gemma Dean

This semester’s training webinars are now open for registrations!

Bridget Philpott

Upcoming webinars – don’t miss out!

January 10, 2024
by Bridget Griffiths

This quarter we have two exciting Clicker webinars for you!

Pauline Smith

Have you seen the new DocsPlus Myths and Legends section on LearningGrids? As well as being an important part of English and History lessons, myths and legends are valuable for developing students’ understanding of social norms and moral boundaries. The Echo and Narcissus DocsPlus resources can be used to support the analysis of the text and to explore the important life lessons within this Greek myth.

Bridget Philpott

Join our DocsPlus Community Facebook Group

December 19, 2023
by Bridget Griffiths

New this month, DocsPlus users can now join our DocsPlus Community Facebook Group.

Gemma Dean

Getting started with DocsPlus

December 13, 2023
by Gemma Dean

We’re often asked in Customer Care meetings for advice on the best ways to start using DocsPlus, so I recently led a webinar on this very topic!

Flying high with Clicker
Tania Johnston

Flying high with Clicker

December 6, 2023
by Tania Johnston

Did you know that it was 120 years ago that Orville and Wilbur Wright made their first flight? On LearningGrids, we have Clicker resources to help your students learn the science behind flying and to commemorate Wright Brothers Day on December 17th.

Siobhan Butel

It’s been a busy start to the academic year, and we are delighted to introduce some fantastic new members to our US and UK teams!

Turn a Clicker Board into a Word Bank

Recently, we spoke with a teacher who said that one of their favourite features of Clicker is that you can quickly turn a Clicker Board into a Word Bank!

Bridget Philpott

St. Catherine’s Academy – Clicker success story

November 15, 2023
by Bridget Griffiths

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on some of the Clicker successes we’ve celebrated this year. One of which came from Rebecca Hammonds, writing coordinator and 4th grade teacher at St. Catherine’s Academy in the UK.