The Assistive Keyboard for iPad and iPhone

SuperKeys provides keyboard access to any app for people with physical challenges.

There’s no double-tapping and no scanning – just large, clear target areas to use in your own time.

Just seven keys instead of 30+

SuperKeys gives you just seven large keys to target instead of 30+ small ones! Just tap the cluster containing the letter you want, and then tap the letter in the enlarged cluster. There’s no double-tapping, no essential swiping, and no learning required.

02 Assistive keyboard+
03 Assistive keyboard+
intelligent word prediction

Intelligent word prediction

You will rarely have to type a complete word because the SuperKeys accessible keyboard includes our word predictor, developed over 10 years to minimize your key presses. The suggestions are displayed on large buttons to make selection easy, and up to four suggestions are shown.

one touch shortcuts

One touch shortcuts

Fed up of typing the same phrases? SuperKeys shows up to 36 of your customizable keyboard shortcuts. You don’t have to remember any letter combinations – just tap the shortcuts key, then tap the phrase you want.

Optimize for you

SuperKeys can be fully personalized to your requirements: 

  • Get optimum clarity and contrast by customizing colors and font.
  • Improve predictor access by setting the size that’s best for you.
  • Get faster access to Delete, Space, and Return by setting swipe options.
  • Optimize visual experience by turning animation on or off.
  • Achieve faster deletes with the new auto-repeat option.

SuperKeys for younger writers

For children needing an accessible keyboard, we recommend Clicker, which includes SuperKeys as an accessibility option.

07 Younger writers+
08 Younger writers+

Carefully researched and tested

We used our 20+ years of accessible software expertize to create this unique approach to keyboard accessibility. Every aspect was meticulously researched and extensively tested to maximize the size of each key and minimize the number of taps required. The result is a keyboard that is clear, intuitive, and highly accessible.

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