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Boost multiplication practice with Clicker

March 20, 2024

Let’s explore how Clicker resources can make learning multiplication fun and interactive. We have a range of resources on LearningGrids to support learners in understanding and remembering multiplication facts.

Visual Aids

Seeing a mathematical concept in pictures helps to break down a complex idea and improve memory retention. The Repeated Addition Using Arrays – Read a Book and related resources offer a visual way of grouping and counting items in sets – it is also a great way to relate addition to multiplication for students who are in the early stages of learning the multiplication facts.

boost muliplication practice with clicker-1

The Repeated Addition Using Arrays Two Clicker Board includes graphics that can be used to visually represent an equation. All Clicker resources can be edited - you can add a cell showing the related multiplication equation and students can represent their targeted multiplication table using the pictures.

boost muliplication practice with clicker-2

Regular Practice

For homework or as a reinforcement activity in the classroom, use the Multiplication Practice One/Two/Three/Four Connect Sets. Each grid offers the multiplication equations and answers. This means students are only manipulating the numbers in the targeted multiplication table – promoting success, building confidence, and aiding overlearning. Why not add challenge and excitement by encouraging students to beat-the-clock with each grid!

boost muliplication practice with clicker-3

Group Collaboration and Peer Support

Foster peer learning through group challenges with resources such as the Common Multiples and Factors Clicker Boards. They offer a great way to explore the products and factors of given numbers. Each team could have one or more boards to complete. (Don’t forget, all LearningGrids resources can be printed so that everyone can get involved.)

boost muliplication practice with clicker-4

boost muliplication practice with clicker-5

Deepening Understanding

It's vital for students to recognize how multiplication relates to other mathematical skills. Encourage them to explore these connections by applying their knowledge to concepts such as division. The Multiplication Fact Families Connect Set guides students to explore the links between the two operations.

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Clicker resources can make mastering multiplication tables enjoyable for learners of all abilities. To see many more activities related to times tables, browse through the Multiplication & Division section on LearningGrids.

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