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Joanne Gibbins

Time for Science

February 13, 2024

We usually think of “time” as a mathematical concept, but it is interesting to get your students to consider the important role it plays in many scientific topics as well.

Here’s a quick dive into some of our Clicker resources on LearningGrids where time is integral to the science.

Time of the Dinosaurs

From time long ago, get your students thinking about how we know so much about dinosaurs today with our Fossils book and supporting activities. They can also prepare an oral presentation of the fossilization process over time using the Fish to Fossil Talk Set.



Evolution and Adaptation Over Time

Students can write about how living things inherit features and characteristics from their parents and how these can gradually change over time to help them survive, with our resources on Evolution. They can use our Animal Adaptations mind mapping activity and Word Bank to brainstorm and write about special adaptations that animals have developed over time to suit the environment in which they live.



Seasonal Change Over Time

Perhaps seasonal change is your focus. See our Seasons of an Apple Tree book to read about how the tree changes over the seasons of a year. Or use the Connect Set to write about the changes using sentence starters and endings.



Find all of these – and many more science-related Clicker resources – on LearningGrids.

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