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Your 3 most-asked Clicker support questions…

24th January 2024

Our support team is available by phone and email to answer any technical questions you may have during your Clicker subscription. The three they are asked most frequently are:

  • How do I share files?
  • How do I manage my licenses?
  • How do I install the software across multiple devices?

We know how busy schools are and that finding the time to call may be tricky, which is why our website is also full of useful articles that can answer your subscription queries 24/7.

So, here are our most-asked questions and the matching support articles from our website, ready for you if you ever need them:

How do I share files?

From sharing files with colleagues, sharing a resource to a different device, or sharing work with parents and carers, it’s important that you can share files quickly and easily.  

As Clicker works on multiple platforms, make sure you are following the advice for the correct device:

Sharing files on Windows/Mac

You have four options for sharing files if you’re using Clicker on this platform. Each has a clear step-by-step guide for you to follow - all you need to do is pick which method of sharing you prefer:

Sharing files on iPads

There are the following three options for sharing files on iPads:

Sharing files on Chromebooks

And two methods for Chromebook users:

How do I manage my licenses?

License management is different for Clicker Apps users (iPads and Chromebook) and Windows/Mac users. Managing your own licenses has many advantages, so it is worth familiarising yourself with your Licensing page by logging in to

If you are using the Clicker Apps, we have this handy blog post that answers all the key questions for license management, including who can access the portal, the benefits of being in control of your license management, and how to get started.



iPad licenses are per device


Chromebook licenses are per user

If you are managing your licenses for desktop devices, we have a support video with step-by-step instructions to guide you. 

How do I install the software across multiple devices?

Windows users typically install across multiple devices by using a group policy or Intune – all details and instructions can be found here.

iPad Clicker Apps users need to use a Mobile Device Management solution (MDM), and this article explains how to successfully implement it.

Finally, Clicker Apps users on Chromebook have two options for installing across multiple devices: upload a list of email addresses via your Google Admin Console or contact to register your Google domain. Guidance on both options can be found here.

As always, if you require extra support from a member of our friendly team, please give us a call on 01604 671691 or email us at

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