Clicker for Windows / Mac

Sharing files via the network

The Home location in Clicker is the default when opening / saving files.

If your IT Support performed a network installation of Clicker, they had the opportunity to set Home to a folder on your network.

To check this:

  1. In Clicker, open the Options ribbon tab and click Explorer.
  2. Click Home on the left.
  3. Is it set to Local or Network and does the location beneath begin with \\ ?

If so, the default Home location in Clicker's Explorer is pointing to a folder on your organisation’s network.

Therefore, files saved in Home should appear in the same place on any computer (that has Clicker and is connected to the network).


If your computer is disconnected from your organisation's network (e.g. you've taken a laptop home), Clicker will detect this and Home will revert to a location on your computer:

  • Windows - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Clicker

  • Mac - Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Crick Software/Clicker 
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