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Tania Johnston

Greek Myths

25th November 2020
by Tania Johnston

We have recently published a series of Clicker resources focused on Greek myths.

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Gemma Dean

Some recent online discussions explored how to make creative writing exercises more accessible for children with literacy difficulties. Here are some examples I came up with of how you could use different Clicker Sets to support children.

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Joanne Gibbins

Low-stakes testing with Clicker

11th November 2020
by Jo Gibbins

‘Low-stakes testing' is enjoying a recent resurgence in the wake of COVID-19 school closures and children’s lost learning and educational gaps. Here's some examples of how you might use Clicker.

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Alex Willcox

We recently spoke with Erika Lye about the incredible impact Clicker 8 is having on the children at Mountain Movers.

Understanding Remembrance Day - header
Pauline Smith

Understanding Remembrance Day

28th October 2020
by Pauline Smith

Use our Remembrance Day sets on LearningGrids to help your children to understand why 11th November at 11 o’clock was so important in 1918, and has been every year since then.

Recover Curriculum and LearningGrids - header
Joanne Gibbins

As educators, we want children to be happy, feel safe and be engaged in their learning as they return to school life. We are all striving to support children emotionally whilst also addressing gaps in their learning.

Ben Tookey

With the Skyle from Inclusive Technology, eye gaze users can now access all our iPad apps!

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Alex Willcox

Our free Clicker webinars are filling up fast – book your spot soon!

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Gemma Dean

Training webinars

23rd September 2020
by Gemma Dean

The webinars for the autumn term are now open for registrations!

Marcus Dux

Lockdown success stories

16th September 2020
by Marcus Dux

Here are just a few of the many wonderful Clicker and DocsPlus success stories we received during the last few months!

positive learning behaviours header
Pauline Smith

Encouraging positive learning behaviours

9th September 2020
by Pauline Smith

Clicker Board is a fantastic tool for engaging your class in discussion about positive learning behaviours.

betsy caporaleUS

Expressing future ambitions with Clicker!

2nd September 2020
by Betsy Caporale

I’m excited to share this video of Jane, who used Clicker to write about her future ambitions!

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Alex Willcox

Back to school with Clicker

26th August 2020
by Alex Willcox

Getting to know your new class with Clicker

Curriculum blog header
Joanne Gibbins

The stories of Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood are now available to share and enjoy with your children in Clicker 8!

Listen and say header
Andrew Cumming

Listen and say, with a twist!

12th August 2020
by Andrew Cumming

How you can use Clicker to kick-off the school year for your new arrivals!