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Empowering children at Mountain Movers – a Clicker 8 success

4th November 2020

Erika Lye is the founder of Mountain Movers, an inclusive education charity that supports children with complex needs. We recently spoke with her about the positive writing outcomes they are seeing since they started using Clicker 8.

Erika told us how empowering Clicker was for the children, as it enabled them to express themselves in their writing, engage with literacy tasks, and ultimately boosted their self-esteem.

Mountain Movers
Examples of the work created by the children at Mountain Movers with Clicker 8.

“We focus on children with additional needs, but we always make sure we’re including everybody who wants to participate. For children who may otherwise feel disengaged by literacy tasks, Clicker is a real confidence booster because it gives them a medium to express themselves.

It’s such a positive, self-esteem-building piece of software. These children might feel very vulnerable and like they can’t do anything academic, when actually they’ve got so much potential – they just need a different way of being able to show it.

We also helped the parents understand that by investing just a little bit of time and effort, they can make Clicker individualised to their child’s needs – they absolutely loved it.”

You can read Erika’s success story in full here.

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