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Pauline Smith

Understanding Remembrance Day

28th October 2020

Use our Remembrance Day sets on LearningGrids to help your children to understand why 11th November at 11 o’clock was so important in 1918, and has been every year since then.

For an engaging whole-class teaching tool, use the Remembrance Day – Read a Book to introduce the facts and spark discussion related to Remembrance Day. Read about what Remembrance Day is, why it is held on 11th of November, what happens on each Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday, and about commemorative events and symbols associated with this time.

 Understanding Remembrance Day - read a book

Our Remembrance Day – Make a Book One and Remembrance Day Connect Set use the same pictures or text structures as the book to support children to create their own text about what Remembrance Day is, why it is held, and their understanding of how the past has influenced events of today.

 Understanding Remembrance Day - make a book

For additional differentiated resources including a Talk Set, Sentence Set and Word Banks search for Remembrance Day on LearningGrids.

Understanding Remembrance Day - connect set

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