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Phil Hackett

Clicker 7 for English language learners

26th September 2017

I joined Crick Software in 2005 and up until this Summer, my focus has been on working with schools in the UK. I now work with International Schools and our partners across the globe.

I have created a series of videos highlighting how Clicker 7 can offer support to learners of all abilities and needs. This week I will be focusing on why Clicker is such a powerful tool for supporting pupils whose primary language is not English.

It’s vital for English language learners to be given frequent opportunities to listen to new vocabulary and practice using it themselves. ‘Listen and Say’ activities provide a great way for pupils to do this, and are easy to put together. Click the image below to watch the video:


Clicker provides the additional support that English language learners need to develop their writing skills - from the first steps of writing word labels or simple sentences, to more independent writing with word bank support as language acquisition grows. This video show how to use Sentence Sets and Connect Sets to support those critical first steps in writing, click the image to watch:


We also have ready-made resources available, New to English and Next Steps to English, to rapidly build language skills and confidence for pupils at the start of their journey.

I will be posting more videos in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes on our blog to discover more exciting ways that you can use Clicker 7 in your setting!

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