New to English

Active English language learning for new arrivals

Support English language learning

New to English rapidly builds English language skills and confidence in pupils with little or no English. The series uses well-established language learning techniques, and students can use the software independently even if they don’t speak any English.

Learn essential vocabulary

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Acquire new language skills

At School

03 language skills

At School introduces children to the school environment.

In the House

04 language skills

In the House introduces children to the typical rooms and features found in a house.

At the Shopping Centre

05 language skills

At the Shopping Centre introduces children to the shops and goods found at a shopping centre.

In the Street

06 language skills

In the Street introduces children to a busy street scene.

At the Supermarket

07 language skills

At the Supermarket introduces children to the sections and items they find at a supermarket.

Build knowledge and confidence with engaging activities

08 engaging activities

Powered by Clicker

New to English is an add-on resource for our reading and writing support tool Clicker 7, which is compatible with all modern Windows and Mac computers. In order to use New to English, you must have Clicker 7 installed.

Designed by experts

New to English is produced by Crick Software with the expert knowledge of Dawn Lama, a specialist in the use of ICT to support English language learning.

Pricing and licensing

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