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Tania Johnston

Kamala Harris and Clicker

January 22, 2021

On January 20th Kamala Harris was sworn-in as vice president of the United States alongside President Joe Biden. The daughter of immigrants from India and Jamaica, Kamala Harris has become the first woman of color to hold this position. We have recently published resources on LearningGrids to help your students write and talk about this important event in U.S. history.

Learners can use Clicker Board to collect information about Kamala Harris, such as her early life, her career, and the significance of her becoming vice president. Convert their mind map into a word bank, or provide your students with the Kamala Harris - Quick Words or A – Z sets from LearningGrids to give them key vocabulary to support their writing.

Kamala Harris 1

There is also a Talk Set for students to create an oral report about Kamala Harris. Clicking on the picture on the cover takes them to the recording page. Five microphone buttons allow them to record information in manageable parts. All of the recordings are then transferred to the start page for their final presentation.

Kamala Harris Talk Set

Visit LearningGrids to explore other resources about significant people in history.

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