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Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker

April 24, 2024

Having previously taught, I know how important it is to have fun, easy methods for assessing students’ understanding throughout the term - and hopefully avoid any end-of-year surprises!

So, here are some great ways that Clicker and LearningGrids can keep assessment varied and engaging for your learners with activities that are perfect for recapping previous learning and stand-alone assessments:

Vocabulary and key words check

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker-1

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker-2

Cloze Documents and Word Banks work together brilliantly for vocabulary and key word checks.  

  1. For the first activity, students fill in the blanks of the Cloze Document with the correct words to show their understanding of the vocabulary. Teachers can quickly see how the students did with Cloze’s Analytics and then correct any misconceptions. 

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker-3

  1. Next, teachers can reverse the process for a consolidation task by offering the vocabulary as a Word Bank which students can use to write definitions, put into sentences, or do both!

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker-4

  1. Finally, Matching Sets are a fantastic resource for students to revisit topic vocabulary and identify misconceptions independently. 

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker-5

Recalling information from a visual prompt

Clicker Books and Clicker Talk offer ways for students to engage with visual prompts while encouraging them to evidence their understanding in a method that suits them best. 

  1. Students can use Clicker Books to record their understanding of a topic using the word processor (including support from Clicker’s built-in Predictor and Spell Check), or they can use the Record & Play button to talk about what they know. 

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker-6

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker-7

  1. Clicker Talk has fantastic resources for students to recall multiple pieces of information which they otherwise may have struggled to write down. This Talk Set encourages students to record facts about the different branches of government – which is also a handy way to collect speaking and listening evidence!  

US-Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker-8

Interviews and hot seating

I used to love using interviews and hot seating to help my class think from different viewpoints - especially for characters from a story, someone from history, or from the perspective of a professional (archaeologist, scientist, musician, etc.). 

  1. You can quickly create your own hot seat or interview by using the Custom Set Interview Me, which students can use to capture their thoughts about the subject and consider what they know about them. 

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker-9

  1. If you’d like to create an interview task where the students have the option to write or record their response, then a Clicker Document with Voice Notes is always a great alternative. 

Make assessment fun and engaging with Clicker-10

For more information on how you can use Clicker and LearningGrids in your setting, you can:

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