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A new start

September 3, 2019

As the new school year begins, I am thinking about teachers with great admiration. I was a teacher for 21 years and left the profession in July to embark on a new career with the Curriculum Team at Crick Software. I joined Crick with the hope that I could help teachers by reducing preparation time and enhancing students’ achievement. I look forward to creating valuable resources to support your lessons, as well as pointing you to some of the existing resources on LearningGrids that could be beneficial to you and your class as we move through the educational year.

I remember how the first few weeks of the year are a shock to the system as you wind back up to speed after a restful summer vacation. I know you will be setting up your classroom, meeting a new group of children, taking on new responsibilities and new initiatives … hitting the road running!

To help get your students back writing after the long break, we have recently published a new Connect Set, First Day at School. The set helps children to structure a cohesive piece of writing about their feelings and activities on the first day in a new class or new school. Children can use the starters/middles/endings to work through each part of the writing. They can write about the start of the day and activities throughout the day, and end with a simple conclusion to draw the piece to a close.

First Day

If you’re working with students who need more support, why not take a look at A School Day, which offers additional picture support. Find this resource - and many more sets about school – on LearningGrids.

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