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Tania Johnston

Christmas literacy focus

November 28th, 2018

Using holiday themes can be a fun way to reinforce language arts objectives. The Clicker Connect set Christmas Lists, for example, is great for practicing punctuation in sentences with simple lists.

Each grid in the set has a different focus. Students create lists for sending cards, shopping for presents, decorating the house, and writing to Santa. They are given a sentence starter and possible people or things to include in their lists, along with the necessary punctuation.

US Christmas_Literacy Mid 1

To personalize the lists for your students, the content can be changed by simply shift-clicking in a cell on a grid and typing new content. You can also add additional cells to a grid in Edit Mode. Don’t forget that students aren’t limited to the ideas on the grids. More independent writers can use the keyboard to add other items to their lists – with the comma and period on the grid as a reminder of the punctuation they need to use.

US Christmas_Literacy Mid 2

There are so many ways to deliver key curriculum objectives through a seasonal or topical theme! Find this set and many more resources on LearningGrids.

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