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Transition lessons for new classes

August 18, 2021

Every September, teachers plan and create transition lessons for their new class. This is something I specifically discuss with schools when they are looking to implement Clicker in preparation for a new school year.

This transition period isn’t just to welcome students back from their time off - it is used to move them confidently into their new curriculum and set expectations for the year ahead. When I was teaching, I spent days organizing even the simplest of activities, from creating documents and cutting them out to sharing everything with the class.

However, this crucial time can be used much more effectively, with the help of Clicker and some simple transition ideas.

About me:

About me activities are a great way to get students to open up to their new teacher. It also allows us to see what barriers we might face in future lessons. Usually, these would be printed booklets. However, with a simple Clicker Custom Set label activity, this can be far more interactive and gives students the options to choose from, taking away any anxiety they may have.

Transition 1 - US

Classroom rules:

Every classroom needs rules. Rules set boundaries and help students to understand what each lesson’s expectations are. Without these guidelines, students may be unaware of what goals they need to achieve and more importantly how to achieve them in an effective way.

In my personal experience while teaching as well as visiting schools in my role with Crick, these types of activities are often made on a whiteboard or flip chart paper. They are often taken down after a few days of the class discussing them. However, with the use of a Clicker Custom Set, these rules can be kept electronically and printed off, being easier to display within the classroom.

Transition 2

These are just a couple of ways you could use Clicker to help children transitioning in September. If you would like to discuss how Clicker can support your new students, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email at or fill in this short form to schedule in a free web demo.

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