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Alex Willcox

Clicker success at Gorseland Primary School

June 30, 2021

We recently spoke with Ellie Bennett, a teacher in the Specialist Support Unit at Gorseland Primary School, about how they have been using Clicker 8 to support their students.

Gorseland have seen lots of great outcomes from introducing Clicker, including a more positive attitude towards writing and improvements to the children’s punctuation, vocabulary and grammar. Clicker has also been great for developing their students’ writing confidence, and they have been able to share many proud moments with the children.

“We use Clicker across the SSU for lower and some of our upper level elementary students in our mainstream school. Certain students have really taken to this style of learning. We use Clicker regularly, especially in English, foundation subject lessons and any activities which require forming sentences. For example, diary writing in History, labeling in Geography and writing a scroll in Religious Education. We have really embraced the benefits of Clicker across the curriculum.

For those who can write simple sentences phonetically, I encourage the use of Clicker to improve their spellings and enhance their sentences with adjective suggestions or sentence starters, as an example. For children who we are working with to develop their independence with writing, we have found using the speech feedback tool to listen to the words in the bank and select the next word in the sequence has built up their self-esteem.

We have seen a great improvement to the children’s sentence formation and written work since beginning of October 2020 when we first implemented Clicker. I spent some time reflecting on the progress in writing since using the Clicker banks and I would definitely recommend this to another school.”

You can read this fantastic story in full here.

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