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Talk Sets for Science

29th August 2017

A useful way to enable children to show their understanding in science is to use Clicker Talk Sets. A set to look at on LearningGrids is Reversible and Irreversible Changes – Talk, which looks at six materials and how they might be changed. Pupils consider whether the changes shown are permanent, or whether the materials can be returned to their original states.


The activity is open-ended – some children might describe what they can see in the pictures while others might give detailed interpretations of what has happened, and recognise for example that the candle represents both a reversible and an irreversible change. As such the activity is suitable for a range of abilities.

Having recorded their ideas, children could use the set as a prompt for writing.

For other Talk Sets, use the quick search on LearningGrids.

curriculum-talk sets image

For an overview of the science sets available on LearningGrids, see our Science Curriculum Mapping documents on the Crick Software website.

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