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Clicker community – summer round-up!

20th August 2019

Back in March we shared some of the fantastic social media posts from enthusiastic Clicker users across the globe. Since then we’ve seen even more pictures and videos of children achieving success with Clicker and wanted to do a quick round-up to kick-off the new school year.

PhD student Heather Francis tweeted a great little success story about a student she’s working with who ‘moved from avoiding writing to not wanting to stop!’ It’s always amazing to see the rapid progress that children make when they’re provided with the right tools.

Clicker Docs

Clicker Board can be used for both whole-class activities and individual planning. Pupils at Craigowl Primary School in Dundee did both as part of their investigation into palm oil.


Isobel Mair School regularly showcase how Clicker can be used across the curriculum. Class Whalsey were so engaged in their numeracy work that they almost forgot to stop for a break! They also took part in an engaging group activity learning about emotions and feelings – a great way to encourage personal development.


We’re very happy for Kezia, whose book, written using Clicker Connect SymbolStix, won second prize in her school’s STEM week writing competition. Well done, Kezia!


The budding politicians at Mid Calder Primary used Clicker to write up their political manifestos and enhanced their editing skills by listening back to what they had written and actively self-reviewing it.


At Hopwood Primary, Class 4 used the voice recording in Clicker to plan the different sound effects for their Little Red Riding Hood e-books.


And last, but by no means least, Karin Crimmins posted two wonderful videos of her 9-year-old writing about animal habitats and then reading her sentences aloud!  

Thank you to everyone who shared, posted and tweeted their fantastic Clicker stories this year. We look forward to seeing all the inspiring new pieces you’ll create next year!

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