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Siobhan Butel

Clicker case study – “It makes me feel successful!”

7th March 2018

We have a lovely new success story to share with you from Anne Harris, the SENCo at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Greenwich.

Anne has been using Clicker 7 to support a pupil with dyslexia:

“We loved the fact that, as he was shortly moving into Year 5, he would have a tool that he could record his ideas on, without the struggle of physically writing. We initially bought a single computer license for him, and it has been absolutely brilliant. When I asked him recently what his favourite thing about Clicker was, he found it hard to narrow down! Here's what he came up with:

  • It makes it easy to write
  • It helps with my spelling
  • It's easy to make a Word Bank
  • I love the way it reads my sentence back to me, so I can hear where my mistakes are
  • It is simple to use
  • It makes me feel successful!

The thing that made us decide to extend to a Site License of Clicker 7 was seeing this particular pupil's progression. At the start of Year 5, he needed a lot of support to produce half a page of writing. This was difficult for him as he could see his peers writing much more, which really affected his confidence. But once we introduced him to Clicker 7, this changed. He would take a laptop into the classroom and he could produce two sheets of A4! It was fantastic that he could write the same volume as his peers; it changed everything for him. Suddenly he saw himself as someone who could reach the same level of success and achievement.

Clicker 7 has been a really big hit for us. If we could bottle up what it's done for this one particular pupil and roll it out to the school... If we have even a little bit of that success with the rest of the children, it'll be brilliant.”

You can read Anne’s success story in full on our website.

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