What are the minimum requirements for DocsPlus?

DocsPlus works on Windows and Mac computers.

  • Windows specifications: Windows 8.1 or newer. Click here for full details.
  • Mac specifications: High Sierra (10.13) or newer.

What are the minimum requirements for the DocsPlus app?

  • iPad specifications: iOS 15 or newer
  • Chromebook specifications: Chrome OS 86 or newer, with Google Drive enabled

Do you have any feedback from schools on the effectiveness of DocsPlus?

DocsPlus is used in thousands of schools around the world to develop students’ literacy skills, raise writing attainment and enjoyment, and help learners work more independently. We have a number of success stories and reviews available to read here.


How does the licensing work?

Many schools are using a combination of devices to support their learners. Our universal licensing enables you to ‘mix and match’ DocsPlus licenses for your Windows/Mac machines with DocsPlus app licenses for your iPads and Chromebooks. For example, if you purchased a subscription for ’10 licenses’ of DocsPlus, this could be 10 licenses for the Windows/Mac version, or five for the Windows/Mac version and five for the iPad version etc…choose whichever combination works best for your school’s set-up.

Is the licensing per user or per device?

The licensing for DocsPlus (Win / Mac) and the DocsPlus app for iPad is per device. DocsPlus Chromebook licenses are per user.

For example, with a ‘10 License’ subscription for DocsPlus you could:

  • Install DocsPlus on five computers
  • Install the DocsPlus app on three iPads
  • Give two Chromebook users access to the DocsPlus app

Do I need to include teachers and paraeducators when deciding how many licenses I need? 

Yes, if you want to use DocsPlus on staff devices, each of these will count as one license. 

For example, if you would like DocsPlus access for 8 students, 1 teacher, and 1 paraeducator, you would need a total of 10 licenses. Therefore, you should opt for the "10 Licenses" package. 

When I purchase DocsPlus, how long does the license last?

All our DocsPlus licenses are a 3-year subscription.

How do I get my software?

You will receive an email from us with the license keys and installation details. If you are unable to find this, please call us and we can resend this information to you.

When does the subscription for DocsPlus start?

The day that we send you the email with your license keys, unless you request a specific date for the license to start.

Can I move the licenses if we change the devices we are using?

Yes – you can manage your licenses, including transferring them to different devices, via your DocsPlus license management system. Full details on this process can be found here.

What is included in a Flexi-License?

The Flexi-License is the best value license as it enables you to install DocsPlus on all of your school computers and have the DocsPlus app on all your iPads and/or Chromebooks. The Flexi-License also includes home access for your students, teachers and teaching assistants.

Why have you stopped providing a single user license?

The overwhelming feedback from existing DocsPlus customers was that even in cases where schools are supporting just one student with DocsPlus, a second license was required so that staff have access to the software for planning, preparation and assessment purposes. This is why we have introduced a new ‘1+1’ license.

How does a 1+1 license work?

The 1+1 license gives you up to two installations of DocsPlus, ensuring that both the student and the staff member supporting their learning have access to the program. This license could be two licenses for DocsPlus (Windows/Mac), two licenses for the DocsPlus app (iPad/Chromebook), or one of each – choose whichever combination fits bests with your school’s device provision.

DocsPlus and exams

Can my students use DocsPlus in their exams?

DocsPlus can be used to support students who require the following additional access arrangements for exams:

  • word processor
  • reader
  • scribe

DocsPlus’ ‘Exam Mode’ can be easily customized for various student scenarios. To find out more about using DocsPlus in exams, including frequently asked questions, click here.


Can I buy DocsPlus using a purchase order (PO)?

Absolutely – we will then invoice the school when we email over the license keys and installation information.

Are there any additional costs for technical supports or updates?

No – during your subscription period you will be provided with free technical support and any updates to DocsPlus and/or the DocsPlus App will also be provided free of charge.

Can I buy a 1-year license?

We have chosen to make DocsPlus a 3-year subscription rather than a 1-year subscription because we know that schools need reassurance that any provision they invest in for their students will be available to them for the next few years, without having to worry about whether there will be enough to cover it in next year’s budget! The 3-year subscription provides schools with the time they need to effectively set-up, install and implement DocsPlus, and ensures that they benefit from all the exciting new updates and additions we plan to release during this period.

Can I add more licenses during the subscription? How does that work?

Yes – if you wish to move to a DocsPlus Flexi-License then we can provide you with an extension price that takes into account the time remaining on your current subscription. Please contact us for a quote. If you wish to buy a smaller number of additional licenses, such as a five or ten license bundle, you can simply purchase this as before and your 3-year subscription for these licenses will start from the date that you receive your license key email from us.

What will the resubscription amount be?

We will be in touch during the final year of your subscription to discuss your needs going forward and provide a renewal quote. What this will be will depend on a number of factors, but we can assure you that the price will be fair and that as a current subscriber you will benefit from a loyalty discount off the regular subscription rate.

Do you provide special pricing if all the schools in our district want to use DocsPlus?

Yes, we can put together a customized price for schools in your district. Contact us with details of the licenses you require and the number of schools in your district. We can also talk to you about Clicker, our child-friendly word processor for primary schools.

Can we order a DocsPlus License and share it between school buildings?

This depends on what kind of license you purchase:

  • Our DocsPlus OneSchool Licenses are provided on a ‘per school’ basis. If you are designated as separate schools, then each school needs its own license.
  • However, our DocsPlus Student Support Licenses can be used to support targeted students across a school district, without building restrictions.


When does the subscription for DocsPlus start?

After we email you your license keys, you can activate your subscription at any point within the first month. After the first month has lapsed, your subscription will start automatically.

When does our subscription end?

DocsPlus is a three-year subscription so it will end three years after purchase. If you are unsure of when your subscription ends, just contact us at renewals@cricksoft.com and we will be able to let you know your subscription end date.

Will our subscription auto-renew?

No. Clicker/DocsPlus is an opt-in service and will NOT renew automatically.

How much will it cost to renew?

Around 6 months before your subscription ends, we will contact you via email to remind you of your upcoming renewal date and of the ‘early bird’ renewal discount we can offer. Standard renewal prices can be found online at https://www.cricksoft.com/us/docsplus/pricing/renewals.

Can I increase the number of licenses we have access to?

Yes! We would love to talk about how DocsPlus would best suit your needs going forward. Email us at renewals@cricksoft.com or call us to discuss your renewal options.

I’m interested in renewing, but our subscription manager has changed/left since we purchased. How do I manage our DocsPlus licenses?

To change the subscription manager, please contact support with your organization name, organization zip code, full name and Google Account/Apple ID of the person(s) you wish to add/remove.

Home access to DocsPlus

We have a DocsPlus Flexi-License; how do we give access to the software for home use?

You will need to request home user licenses via your DocsPlus license management system. This is a very straightforward process - see the support article here.

With the DocsPlus Flexi-License can the home access be for iPad or Chromebooks even if we only have Windows computers in school?

Yes – your license enables parents and teaching staff to use DocsPlus on their home devices. If that device is a Windows/Mac computer, you can provide them with the installation instructions for DocsPlus. If they are using an iPad or Chromebook, they can use the DocsPlus app.

How do I share resources for children to access on their home devices?

There are a variety of ways to share DocsPlus resources and documents, including via email, a sharing platform such as Dropbox, or any school-specific platform that you currently use such as Show My Homework or Google Classroom.

I’m a parent and my child’s school does not have a Flexi-License. Can you buy DocsPlus for home use?

Yes – parents can purchase a ‘1+1’ home user license for DocsPlus, which is the same as the school’s version of the software but offered at a 50% discount. The 1+1 license gives you up to two installations of DocsPlus on your home devices - this could be two licenses for DocsPlus (Windows/Mac), two licenses for the DocsPlus app (iPad/Chromebook), or one of each – choose whichever combination works best for you. Please contact us if you’d like to find out more about the DocsPlus home user licence or place an order.

Training and resources

We have some new staff on board – do you have any training they can use?

We have a range of free training materials including tutorial videos and on-demand training webinars. This can all be accessed here.

Do you provide in-school training?

If you would like a customized training session for your staff, our training team can provide a half day of hands-on DocsPlus training for up to 25 staff members. You can find further details and pricing here.

How do we access the LearningGrids resources?

In DocsPlus or the DocsPlus app, go to Explorer and select LearningGrids (Internet connection required).

How do we share DocsPlus files?

You can share files across your network or use your preferred cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. DocsPlus files are fully compatible across Windows, Mac, iPad and Chromebook.