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How DocsPlus can provide inclusive classroom support for dyslexic learners

One in five students in the United States has a language-based learning disability, and dyslexia is the most common of them.

Children with dyslexia are likely to experience low reading confidence, poor working memory, messy or incoherent writing, weak spelling, and poor writing stamina. In school, this can cause them to struggle with a wide range of learning tasks, often leading to feelings of failure and low self-esteem. 

For a student with dyslexia, the feeling of being “different” can be acute, especially when faced with the obvious and very important need for “specialist” help. In this 30-minute session, Senior Education Consultant, Phil Hackett, will explore how DocsPlus can be used to provide inclusive support for dyslexic learners within a classroom setting, including:

  • Using speech support for reading, feedback, and reflection
  • Providing memory aids and visual supports for working memory difficulties
  • Using assistive technology to improve spelling
  • Making visual accommodations
  • Using planning boards to organize thoughts
  • Developing strategies to transition from planning to writing
  • Implementing writing frames to aid structure

Registrants can join the webinar from 10:30am onward, but it will start promptly at 10:45am.

Click on the link to register:  Monday, November 22, 2021 - 10:45am to 11:15am EST