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Get Started with Clicker

January 29, 2020

Our new Clicker universal licensing gives you access to both Clicker 8 (on Windows / Mac) and Clicker Writer (on iPad / Chromebook).

Your licenses can be used interchangeably to make Clicker available on any combination of device types.

For example, with 10 licenses, you could install:

  • Clicker 8 on 5 computers
  • Clicker Writer on 3 iPads
  • Clicker Writer for 2 Chromebook users

If you have a OneSchool Site License, you have unlimited licenses and can also provide access to Clicker 8 and Clicker Writer on your teachers’ and students’ home devices!

To learn more about license management and home use, see:

Clicker 8 for Windows / Mac

Clicker 8 uses a new, modern installer, which is smaller in size and has better performance.

Like previous versions, there is a network install method for deploying Clicker 8 to multiple computers across a network.

For full instructions, see:

Clicker Writer for iPad

The app is free to download from the App Store.

Once installed, simply launch the app and enter your Organization ID and Password to license the iPad.

For guidance on deploying via Apple’s Volume Purchase Program, see:

Clicker Writer for Chromebook

The app is free to download from the Chrome Web Store.

On first launch, it will ask permission to access your Google account details. This is used to check that your Google account has been allocated a license (via our license management site). No need to input any codes or login details!

From then on, you can use the app on any Chromebook you sign into.

For guidance on deploying via the Google Admin Console, see:

Please note that all licenses are on a 3-year subscription basis. There are no additional costs for technical support or updates. We will also be adding further features and apps during your subscription period.

If you have questions about Clicker 8 or Clicker Writer, please don’t hesitate to contact support by phone at 203-221-2697, email at or via our contact form.

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