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First, you’ll need to register your licenses and choose a password for your account.

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Next, activate your licenses so that they will be ready to install.

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Find out how to install the software on your Windows and Mac devices.

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Manage licenses

Find out how to monitor, allocate, and transfer licenses to different devices.

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Contact support

Contact our support team here if you run into any technical issues.

How can I share my Clicker files?

You'd like to share your Clicker files between devices or send them to other people.

Clicker Mac Installer

You need your 20-character serial number (e.g. 8XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXX). 

  1. Download the relevant installer for your locale (see below).
  2. After the download finishes, open the clicker-xx file in your Downloads.
  3. A virtual drive will appear in Finder named Clicker Installer.
    Open the drive and double-click the Clicker Installer file inside.
  4. If macOS displays a warning that the file was downloaded from the Internet, click Open.
  5. Click Install to this computer only and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once Clicker is installed, you can safely right-click the Clicker Installer drive and choose Eject, and then delete the clicker-xx file from your Downloads.


To deploy Clicker to multiple Mac computers, follow the Install Guide (see below).

Minimum requirements

  • macOS Big Sur (11) or newer
  • 1GB free space
  • Internet connection for activation 

This covers most Macs from 2010 onwards.

Do I need to Uninstall first?

We typically recommend uninstalling any older versions of Clicker first, as best practice. However, this often isn't essential.

To do this: drag the icon from Applications into the Trash, and then empty the Trash.

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