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Calculating with number tiles and Clicker

September 27, 2023

Number tiles offer a multisensory approach to learning mathematical concepts. The new Number Tiles resources on LearningGrids complement the use of practical apparatus and can enhance your learners' early number and calculating skills.

The Number Tiles 1 – 10 Talk Set and Number Tiles 1 – 10 Matching Set can be used to practice the recognition of the number each tile represents (subitizing), as well as to reinforce the reading of numbers up to 10. The sets also aid the transition from using concrete resources to pictorial resources. The record feature of the Talk Set is ideal for capturing a student’s mathematical knowledge. You can also use the set to extend a student’s mathematical thinking – for example, ask them to record one more or one less than the number tile they can see.

Calculating with number tiles and Clicker-1

Calculating with number tiles and Clicker-2

The Number Tiles – Addition Board is a great whole class or small group teaching tool. Students can follow along with physical resources while you demonstrate how two pictorial tiles can be placed together to find a total. The chosen addition number sentences can instigate discussion about the different ways the second number tile can be placed (above, below, or turned around) to mirror the tile shape of the answer. This set also offers the opportunity for investigating how addition is commutative.

Calculating with number tiles and Clicker-3

Calculating with number tiles and Clicker-4

For students practicing addition with numbers up to ten, use the Number Tiles – Addition Connect Set. On each grid, the numerals in the number sentence are supported by the corresponding number tiles – this aids the visualisation of finding the totals. Learners choose the answer from the range of numbers provided. They can also be encouraged to notice the difference between odd and even number tiles and which number tile “looks” like the right answer. What a great way to further develop calculating skills as well as offer the opportunity for discussion and reasoning about numbers!

Calculating with number tiles and Clicker-5

On LearningGrids, we have similar Clicker resources for the inverse calculation strategy, subtraction. Take a look at the Number Tiles – Subtraction Board and Connect Sets. Remember you can easily personalize the resources to suit the ability of your learners - for example, you can change the number sentences on the Clicker Boards to include larger numbers.

Calculating with number tiles and Clicker-6

Calculating with number tiles and Clicker-7

We know there are many more ways that number tiles can be used to support mathematical understanding, so we also offer a Number Tiles 1- 10 picture bank. This can be useful for students who find it more challenging to use the physical tiles. The set can also be used for more complex calculating. And don’t forget this set and all resources on LearningGrids can be printed out!

Calculating with number tiles and Clicker-8

These sets have been designed to complement the practical teaching and learning strategies you already use in the classroom.  We would love to hear about how you use them to support your learners’ mathematical thinking.  

Happy calculating!

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