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Joanne Gibbins

Learning about endangered animals with Clicker

July 8, 2020

We have a new family of Clicker Sets on LearningGrids to help children read and write about different endangered animals and the threats they face, including environmental changes, the impact of human actions, and what can be done to help.

Children can read about different endangered animals in an illustrated Clicker Book and reinforce their learning by writing about the topic with the Sentence Set, Connect Set or Word Bank resources. Children can also use the Talk Set to record information related to the pictures shown.

Read Saving Endangered Animals – Viewpoints to explore arguments both for and against saving endangered species from different perspectives. The Discussion Frame and Questions resources can be used to support children in constructing a considered response while demonstrating what they have learned about endangered animals.


Visit LearningGrids for other resources on endangered animals.

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