On-demand webinars

Explore our on-demand webinars to find out how Clicker supports a wide range of learning needs and classroom objectives. Each session is packed with top tips and ideas from Clicker experts, including current users, education gurus and our Clicker consultants.

Let’s explore: Clicker Apps

In this webinar, Rebecca demonstrates our three Clicker Apps for iPad and Chromebook: Clicker Writer, Clicker Books, and Clicker Talk.

During the session, Rebecca:

  • Navigates participants through the core features of each app
  • Explores the ready-made resources created by our team of teachers
  • Explains how to quickly scaffold and differentiate Clicker Sets to meet individual learner needs

Accessible classroom resources for nurturing social emotional learning

In this webinar, our Customer Experience Consultant, Rebecca, and our Curriculum Specialist, Tania, explore how Clicker supports social emotional learning (SEL).

During the session, Rebecca and Tania:

  • Highlight the importance of social emotional learning in the classroom
  • Provide examples of SEL resources from LearningGrids – Clicker’s bank of already made resources
  • Demonstrate how Clicker resources can be used for whole class, small group, or independent learning

Using Clicker to support a whole class writing journey

Phil is joined by Bridget Griffiths to explore how Clicker can be used to support students throughout all stages of a writing journey. Bridget draws on her experience as a leading teacher at an "outstanding" graded school in the UK to demonstrate how Clicker can:

  • Be utilized during each stage of the writing journey
  • Reduce teacher workload and increase students’ independence
  • Improve students’ writing engagement, confidence, and outcomes

What will teaching and learning look like for diverse learners on the other side of the pandemic?

Toni and Assistive Technology Specialist Rose Racicot discuss some of the key questions that school educators and district leaders need to consider as they prepare for the new academic year, including:

  • What lessons have been learned during the pandemic that should influence our long-term teaching and learning practices?
  • How can school districts maximize their COVID-19 relief funding to ensure students with diverse learning needs do not get left behind?
  • What equity issues can be addressed by selecting accessible resources that can be easily differentiated for diverse learners?

Supporting English language learners with Clicker

Phil is joined by Louise Dawson, an enthusiastic advocate of using assistive technology for inclusive language learning with 20+ years’ experience in schools around the world. They explore:

  • Ready-made Clicker Sets to develop phonics, blending and pronunciation skills
  • Quick and easy ways to model language and sentence structure in Clicker activities
  • Resources for expanding students’ general and topic-specific vocabulary

Predictable chart writing and Clicker

Predictable chart writing is a shared writing experience that many educators are implementing with their learners. Speech-Language Pathologist Beth Poss takes you through how to make this popular writing strategy even more accessible for your students using Clicker, including:

  • Front-loading information on a range of topics with Clicker Books
  • Using mind maps for group prewriting activities
  • Enabling students to independently reconstruct their sentences
  • Producing a class book that everyone will be proud of!

Clicker: Inclusive classroom support for dyslexic learners

Clicker is used in classrooms around the world to support and empower young learners with dyslexia. In this session, Phil and Katie demonstrate how Clicker helps students with dyslexia to:

  • Organize and plan their writing
  • Overcome spelling frustration
  • Access curriculum content

Developing oral language skills with Clicker

Speech-Language Pathologist Lidia Giosa highlights why oral language skills are such a crucial part of every child’s development and shares her ideas for developing these in the classroom. Lidia explores:

  • How oral language skills are fundamentally linked to reading and writing skills
  • Specific strategies that educators can use to support students’ oral language development
  • Engaging oral language learning opportunities for children of all abilities provided by Clicker

The Way Forward: School and district leaders' roles in post-pandemic AT provision

AT Specialist Gayl Bowser discusses the role of school and district leaders in supporting technology rollouts that encourage adoption and deliver tangible results. At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Describe at least three lessons for effective leadership of virtual and hybrid educational systems learned during the pandemic.
  • Begin planning to establish and share your program's AT vision and expectations.
  • Identify ideas for effective planning and use of data to support future program improvement activities.